Teeuwissen is one of the world's largest producer and supplier of natural casings. Our product portfolio contains both natural and artificial casings. Price, quality and traceability always come first at Teeuwissen. All national and international casing departments and sorting companies are under strict supervision of Teeuwissen with regard to the international HACCP standards. Because of this we can guarantee an optimum quality.


Hog casings
Our hog casings are processed under full supervision by Teeuwissen. This is done in three phases:

•  Production and cleaning of hog casings at our own gutrooms with HACCP accreditation
•  Selection and calibration at our own EU-approved selection factories in China. These factories comply with international HACCP and BRC standards
•  Worldwide sales and distribution, partly through local subsidiary companies

Beef casings
Beef casings are imported from BSE-free South American countries. All companies are EU-approved and meet HACCP standards. Beef casings, beef bungs and beef rounds are produced exclusively for Teeuwissen to our specifications.


Sheep casings
Sheep casings are imported from the following, EU-approved, countries: New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and China. These sheep casings are selected exclusively to Teeuwissen specification in HACCP accredited companies. 

Artificial casings
Besides natural casings, Teeuwissen has been supplying artificial casings through her subsidiaries for years. We can supply the requested casing for each application, which guarantees an optimum yield. The assortment of artificial casings includes mono-layer, multi-layer, collagen, cellulose and plastic casings.