Human consumption

Cultural and economic differences drive preferences for particular parts of the animal. Teeuwissen can rely on many years of experience in this industry and a sizeable network of suppliers, allowing us to meet highly specific customer requirements. 


Teeuwissen supplies, partially through subsidiaries, top quality when it comes to by-products. Experienced professionals and sophisticated machinery guarantee first-class products. Whether you want them supplied in trays or block frozen, packaged in a 10-kilo box or a 15-kilo box, we can deliver it all.

Teeuwissen guarantees quality and traceability by picking up fresh products from slaughterhouses every day. These products are collected at central points across the globe, where they are processed and frozen immediately. After this the products are stored to company standards. 

Industrial meat
Teeuwissen's proprietary facilities are equipped with high-quality and state-of-the-art machinery. Teeuwissen Group produces 1, 2 and 3 mm meat as per our customers' specifications. All product packaging can also be made to match the preferences of our customers. Teeuwissen strives to supply 100% reliable products of the highest quality. Traceability and strict HACCP checks during processing are crucial.


Below you will find a small selection of the products we offer. 
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varken1     varken2 varken3 varken4 varken5

Pork tails

Pork riblets

Pork head meat

Pork stomachs

Pork uterus



rund1 rund2 rund3 rund4 rund5

Veal lips

Beef tripe

Beef hearts

Beef kidneys

Veal feet




gevogelte1 gevogelte2 gevogelte3 gevogelte4 gevogelte5

Chicken leg quarter

Hen feet

Chicken gizzard

Chicken wings

Chicken MDM