As far back as ancient times, our ancestors knew that consumption of certain animal organs could improve their health and cure diseases, and there are cultures that still go by that knowledge.

Today we know exactly what valuable substances these organs and other animal materials contain. Current technology allows us to extract these substances. Once extracted, they are used as base materials for medication and a range of dietary supplements.

Pharmaceutical companies set very strict requirements for their suppliers. Teeuwissen's roots are in the pharmaceutical industry, which it has been supplying with great pride for over 35 years. Unrivalled experience and expertise help Teeuwissen stand out in this area. After starting out by harvesting and selling only pork pancreases, Teeuwissen now supplies a much wider assortment

Part of the raw materials that Teeuwissen sources are supplied to our Spanish sister company BioibĂ©rica. Thy process these raw materials into high-quality medicines. Read more about BioibĂ©rica on

Some products from our product portfolio:

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Pork pancreas 

Pork mucosa 

Pork trachea